6 responses to “About

  1. Eka laksana

    I am from indonesia.
    salut for you. as a woman you are great..

  2. Coolt med folk som jobbar hårt. Har inte läst så mycket vad det är du gör och så, men bara grejen att starta eget företag i Dubai är jävligt coolt. You go girl!

  3. Bill Parsons

    U r great ! Lots of potential and love that confidence in you.

    Hospitality business in Norway seriously needs some improvement and new and young people like yourself to make the change !

  4. Belma


    Jag vill flytta till Dubai och jobba inom hospitality har du några tips eller så?


  5. Bill Parsons

    What is the latest Lovisa ? any vacation plans ?

    I was in Oslo a few times recently and plan to be back in 3 weeks.

    We could meet if your schedule allows it.


  6. Hello!

    I am looking for contacts in Dubai to look for the following volunteer placements and jobs available in Dubai. Do you have contacts and companies that you know that I can do volunteer work perhaps in the media, culture, drama, children jobs, au pair and other things?

    I’m looking for a volunteer job for three months in Dubai. I was in Dubai before one time. I have worked with children and young people, restaurants, theater, computer trainers, media and advertising, television and statistically, in Sweden, I come from Sweden.

    Thanks for all the help and tips!

    Please contact us if you know anything or have any tips for volunteer job in Dubai.

    Greetings /


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