It’s time

Finally. we’re two hours from leaving Dubai!

Had a lovely day with Hanna. We had mani and pedi and as tradition say, we celebrate vacation with white wine! Last time was at Christmas and we went to Ritz Carlton by the walk to have wine. And there was a Christmas choirs. Both me and Hanna sat there, with tears in our eyes, and listened to Christmas songs and wanted to go home at that very moment.
So tonight we did it again. Realized there would not be any choir singing for us but we went to her place, had white wine, invited Astrid and then the boys came who joined us for wine and pizza.
Now, we’re packing. It feels strange to be away for 7 (!!!!) weeks. This is my home, our home, and this is where I have my daily life. Here I make my daily coffee, go to the gym, get dressed and have my daily routines. Weird… but oh so lovely!

We fly out with swiss air tonight and arrive in Denmark tomorrow morning. We’re going to a wedding all weekend and will arrive in Växjö on Sunday, will try so update some during the weekend!

Until then, thanks for your support and see you soon! In Swedish in Sweden… stay tuned… IMG00033

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