Productivity is at zero

I can’t say I’ve done many “good” things today. Read a book from first to last page within a few hours time (like I don’t have anything else to do!?) and then Hanna came for coffee and cinnamon buns, or “Fika” as we say in Sweden. They even promote the word Fika at IKEA abroad, did you ever notice that? The posters say “In Sweden, we like to call it fika”. I think you only find the word fika in Swedish and “grabbing a coffee” is NOT the same thing, fika is a concept, lifestyle and hobby. Right?

My favourite fika moments are:
1. With my mother when she comes home in the afternoon from work. We have coffee, nice break or carrot cake and talk about the day.
2. With my closest girl friends in Växjö, discussing last night out, how lovely…

BTW, how did I end up talking about FIKA? Was surely not planned.

Me and Hanna drove to Satwa to pick up our dresses for the wedding and we had great fun. When we drove back Hanna said “It feels like we’ve been on Öland during the day”. Öland is an island outside Sweden where you do for vacation. I though that was kinda funny…

Anyway, I haven’t been productive at all, workwise I mean and I can’t help hearing my bad conscience knocking on the door. When will this stop, my bad conscience?


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