I MIGHT need some help…

As you know I’m going for a fancy wedding in Denmark on Saturday and am choosing between two different dresses, one pink and one raspberry red, one which is traditional and the other more fashionable. But I simply can’t decide!
Now I’ve turned to my family for help but I might need your help… Are you interested in seeing my dressed on the blog and help me choose?

And NO, I’m definitely not a fashion blogger. Just for the record.

And one more thing… I love the dresses below! Though, for this evening, I need a long dress.



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One response to “I MIGHT need some help…

  1. Hi! WOW! I love that black and white dress. You are bound to make a statement in that. It is so stylish and sophisticated. The green dress doesn’t look like it would be very flattering, with the ruching at the back and a lack of tailoring. The white dress I like – I actually featured it on our wedding fashion blog a while ago. Great for a summer wedding. My top pick would still be the black and white though.


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