Last post made me think about self-esteem, where it comes from and if it’s different from person to person, if it depends on the way our parents showed us appreciation or if we create our own need of appreciation?

My self-esteem goes up and down, the way it do for you and everyone else on this planet Earth. But for me, I’ve realized my self-esteem is in my work. It occurred to my a while ago that I’ll have to seek the appreciation from my own side as I won’t have a manager or superior, or colleagues in the same way who will show me their praise.

But self-esteem must come from inside yourself and you can’t force it. Today, I feel in control of my own feelings and I know self-esteem is a question of too high demands and wrong motivation. It’s about accepting the situation here and now. My sister once told me: “Accept everything that’s happening for one day, positive and negative things, just live with it and don’t add emotions to it, just accept”. We have to accept the way we are, look and act. Some things are written and can’t be changed and a good and positive self-esteem can take you a long way.

I never doubted myself in work-related questions such as interviews and if I was the right person for the job. It was never a question for me, I could and can do it. Because I know me self-esteem is in my work and therefore, I’ll strive until I accomplish the mission, either it’s my vision or my employer’s. And therefore, I know I will and can succeed with Venia.

Where’s your self-esteem and how to you take control over negative feelings?

Besides work, I find self-esteem in my friends. This is from Brig where I studied a long time ago!


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  1. Self esteem is the most vital thing in our lives. Without it we don’t have any self awareness or passion to go for success.

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