Cinnamon rolls and no work makes me dull

Good evening!

I’ve made cinnamon buns, Erik’s absolute favourites, while he’s away tonight to surprise him when he comes home later. It smells all the way to the lobby! (almost at least…) I was supposed to take a photo when they JUST came out of the oven but as I had too many of them already I packed them in bags ASAP to keep myself from having another one…

Sorry for no work talk for a long time. I post-poned my license in media city until September. It wasn’t approved until end of June and then I felt it was a waste to get my license before I go on vacation as I would end up paying for almost 2 months when I’m not here. Therefore, business and my motivation are on half-speed currently. I can’t sign my first client without a license but I need a client to set up my business. Also, it’s difficult to attract clients and then tell them I’ll be out of town for 7 weeks. Not very professional. So sorry about that but I’m trying to figure out how to move on from this stage… No work, motivation or inspiration makes me dull. Extremly dull and it’s my source of self-esteem.

IMG_0886Still warm…
CIMG0049I love baking! Here… chocolate chip cookies (which were burned at a later stage…)
DSC_0020With Lea making christmas candy

Now it feels like I’m a housewife instead of a business woman posting all these photos? Well, I’m both and I’m confident it’s possible to combine these two. What do you think? Can you find a balance between being a business woman and the kind of mother who always surprise her family with freshly baked buns, breaks and cookies? My mother was this kind of person and I intend to be aswell!


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