Last weekend in DubiDubi

So the last weekend in Dubai for this hot summer passed (almost at least) and it is not the final and last week before we leave (for vacation, not for ever!).
We had a funny evening at Frankie’s on Wednesday and Thursday I was home alone drinking champagne. Sad or girlpower? Fell asleep to Mama Mia, the movie, and I since then I can’t stop missing dancing and performing. I’m a true musical jerk and I love them all. The love stories, the corny songs, the moments where the whole ensemble starts dancing. But what I love the most is to be on that stage, myself, and be part of the magic when you see hundreds of people waiting, expecting and you and your co-dancers are the only ones who knows what is up next.

My favourite is Cats. Me and my father share this passion for musicals and once we went to London for a week and every day was the same. I fooled my father that everything in London was so much cheaper than in Sweden and convinced him it would be better to buy up the whole Body Shop there instead of in Sweden. So of course, he could never say no to his teenage daughter which resulted in shopping all day long, rushing home to get changed for the musicals, like Tommy, Sunset Boulevard, Cats, Starlight Express and Les Miserables. I put on black, shiny dresses sparkled with tinsels and shiny stones. This was glamour for me! So we watched the musical, went backstage afterwards and talked to the dancers and then rushed to Pizza Hut to have a large Hawaii pan pizza. Every day we did this and I wish we can do it again one day, only me and my dad!

My father was a musical producer in Sweden for a while and he introduced Sweden to Evita, Joseph, Jesus Christ and the proudness in the Hegborn family, Fame. I watched all 60 or something shows and I was in the front row every time. For 5 years, I practically lived behind the stage and how I admired the young dancers and singers. Unfortunately, I can’t sing and I share this sorrow with my dad, but I did become a dancer and was on stage for the first time when I was 13 in Some Like it Hot, an old Marilyn Monroe movie, and with this, I was hooked. West Side Story, La Cage aux Folles and a swedish production followed.

La cageFrom La Cage aux Folles. I’m second from the front on the left side.

I do miss the musicals and it aches and creeps in my body when I see a musical. I want to be there, on the stage and be part of the magic. Maybe one day?

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