With my best friends..

…Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha! My tooth is a lot worse today and I’ve a temperature. Have no energy to sleep, eat or do nothing. My habi is out running in +40 degrees, VERY ambitious and I’m spending some time with the SATC girls. Watching the movie for the 20th time and I cry every single time!

I remember when I watched the movie for the first time. I was working for Hilton and had two crazy SATC best-work-friends who I lunched with every single day. We used to go through love, relationships and life during lunch, afternoon coffee breaks and French-manicure sessions in one of their offices. We watched the movie the same evening and couldn’t WAIT to see each other the following day. We all agreed being disappointed but… it’s still SATC and you’re not allowed to talk negatively about it. I miss those lady lunches and champagne brunches on Friday afternoons with my two SATC ladies…

IMG_9677Zey, Me and Ellen at one of our SATC brunches
IMG_9685Me and Ellen
Bild 067In NY on a SATC staircase… Dreaming of the big city life! My goal after school was to move to NY.
I was on my way but it never worked out with my Green Card.

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