Good morning!

Another hazy day and bright and early, we’re off for a road trip to Oman! The heat will be sizzling on the roads, that’s for sure.

See you later!



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3 responses to “Good morning!

  1. Naty

    Good afternoon Miss. Hegborn! How are you doing today in lovely Dubai? I’ve started to read your amazing blog a few days ago and I’m already enjoying it because I’m thinking about starting my own business activity in Australia (Sydney) or in Dubai (but honestly… after several trips to Dubai, that Golden City has been on my mind day and night lately). If you ever get some time left, I’d be pleased to know how to find (rental) apartments that wouldn’t cost too much (how are the prices generally), and what do the office buildings generally cost? Do you live in, or nearby, Dubai city? How is the traffic in Dubai (are you driving your own car or is it more convenient to take the cab)? Was it difficult to obtain a residence permit? What bank/s would you recommend? How about access to the hospitals if injured (insurances etc)? I know, SOOO many practical questions that I have, but I’m really interested in learning more about your life and experiences in Dubai. Hope to hear from you once you’re back from your vacations in Sweden! Best wishes, Naty (Italy)

    • lovisahegborn

      Hi Naty! Sorry about the late reply. Thanks for reading my blog, I’m happy to hear you like it, that’s my aim!

      What kind of business are you aiming to set up? Do you run your business already today?
      The advantage with Dubai is that if you set up your company in one of the freezones (Google freezone Dubai for more info) you pay no taxes whatsoever and you can own your company to 100%.
      When it comes to residence permit you need to have a job or own your company in the freezone, then you will automatically get your permit, it’s called that you are “sponsored” by a company. When you obtain a visa you HAVE to be insured, again, by a sponsor/company. If it’s your company you can choose the kind of insurance you prefer but if you work for someone it varies a lot. So does the hospitals. You should definitely get an insurance which covers ALL hospitals in Dubai, and mostly important, American hospital. I have myself experienced the differences in hospitals in Dubai and I risked my life doing this.

      Dubai is very spread out and you don’t have a centre, like you do in other cities, with a pedestrian street, etc. You can’t walk anywhere in Dubai, unfortunately. Therefore you are dependent on a car and I recommend you getting one as taxis can be unreliable, especially in weekends and evenings. Traffic can be extremely heavy, especially at rush hour. Many people live in areas close to their work to avoid traffic.

      We live in Dubai Marina which is just by the beach. It is a very popular area, especially for expats. Otherwise, you have Jumeirah, Greens, Gardens, Downtown Burj Dubai and Financial (study Dubai on a map). Rents are high, both for rental and buying. For a two bedroom in the Marina you can expect paying from 90 000 AED up to 180 000AED yearly.

      All international banks are present in Dubai and there are also several national Banks, such as National Bank of Dubai and Dubai Islamic Bank. Many international companies are using the international ones as it MIGHT be safer and more efficient.

      Hope my answers can help you a bit. Let me know if you have further questions!

      Take care.

  2. Naty

    Dear Lovisa,

    Thank you so much for your kind reply and for the valuable information! I am aiming to fulfil what I’ve always been missing when going out for lunch or dinner; a healthy alternative (other than boring salads and vegetables) with the emphasis on allergy adapted food. For instance, I am allergic to milk (lactose intolerant) and peanuts. Among other common allergies are gluten, soya, shellfish etc. Dubai city must already be overloaded with nice hotels and fancy restaurants, but do you actually have the possibility to dine with all your friends (some of them probably with certain allergies), ordering the very same thing without having to compromise or maybe be forced to order something you’re not really up to just because the chefs wouldn’t change the ingredients? How often does that happen? According to my own experiences and my friends, I’d have to say a lot. So where would I open my restaurant? In Rome? Milan? Florence? Or abroad? Dubai is a lovely emirate which I believe have many fiscal advantages. What free zone would you recommend for a restaurant? What do you (generally) have to pay in rent for the premises of, let’s say about 100-120 square metres? Oh, it sounds terrible what you’ve had to experience in a local hospital! Would you like to share it with us? I will definitely choose an international bank and an American hospital. What landlord agencies (for rental apartments) would you recommend? I wish you a great start to this new week, and thank you once again for a lovely blog! Naty

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