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I would like to respond to a comment I received a few days back related to my post on favourite hotels (the comment has been shortened):

“…I primarily go with price and place when I make my hotel reservations. Which doesn’t necessarily mean that I prefer living in a rathole while away…
In other words, the best location at the most reasonable price. I agree with you that travelling is about experiences, emotions and inspiration. But, and call me old-fashioned, most of the time I don’t find those things within the four walls of hotel. That’s not really experiencing a place to me, as luxury hotels are everywhere. That’s more like being prepared to pay for a few days of luxury which really has little or nothing to do with the place you are in… Great blog, by the way!”

When establishing a hotel, there is only one word for success; Location, Location, Location. You should easily reach it by a flight, train, bus, metro, etc. It should be accessible. I agree this is correct if the hotel is established on a competitive market like in Paris, New York, Dubai, name any big city. But when it comes to experiencing a hotel, is the location not such an important factor. The hotels I mentioned in my post are hotels that leave you with a feeling of belonging and a feeling of having experienced something new. Only one of them is a 5* hotel and that’s what I want to say with this, that a hotel can be a 3* and still let you experience and inspire by simple things such as nature, love or rejuvenating. The Swedish hotel I mentioned, Blåsingsborg, has actually nothing special to offer. No spa, fancy glamour or posh interior. But you feel home and it’s a retreat where you don’t have to experience much more than your own company.

When discussing this question we need to ask ourselves; what kind of hotel are we looking for? If you’re going for sightseeing or experiencing a new city, you won’t be spending a lot of time in the hotel except for sleeping and making yourself beautiful for the evening, and naturally, price and location are prime factors. But I’m suggesting hotels which are beyond this. Can hotels take you places? That’s the question and I say yes. Hotels can be a destination of its own and that’s the charm, beauty and dream of every hotelier.

There are two resorts in U.A.E. I’m dreaming of visiting any time soon (or when I can afford it). Both of them are located in remote areas and they offer nothing else than desert and the resort itself. Would be interesting to see whether they would live up to my vision of hotels that take you places.

IMG_0241At Desert Palm Resort Dubai. When you dine and wine here,
you feel like you belong to a private club,it’s that intimate. Lovely and romantic,
al-maha-desert-resort-lAl Maha Resort and Spa, located in the middle of the desert offering only private beduine suiteswith patios and infinity pools overlooking the sand dunes,


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