It’s hazy outside

Good afternoon!

It’s something with the weather in Dubai on Fridays when people are off. Don’t get me wrong, it would almost be impossible to sunbath today because of the heat, but still, it would be nice with a clear, blue sky on a Friday, just for the beauty of it. But never. It’s always hazy on Fridays, like the sun is resting with all the other people off. Even the roads are completely empty, it’s obvious people are fleeing Dubai for the coming hot months. Only if you go to the large, glossy malls, you realize people still live here.

We’re having cappuccino and dark chocolate, a bit tired from yesterday. Had a super evening with Anna and Anders. Heavy and deep discussions about politics, religion and conservatism vs. liberalism. So interesting! I’ve been longing for evenings like this, when you discuss important subjects for hours. Somehow, these are rare topics in Dubai. Might be because you don’t criticise and ventilate political and religious views like we do in i.e. Sweden, but still, I would expect it among the expats to talk openly? I get a feeling that people stop to have an opinion when they move abroad. They still care about the world’s situation, but not enough to have the energy to open up important subjects.

Anyway, thank you Anna and Anders for a great evening, we have to do it soon again!

We’re watching I Love You Man later this afternoon in the cinema. Have you seen it? Is it good?
IMG_4137Discussing is my family’s passion when we all get together and any place is a good place for venitlating.
Here, in Jardin de Luxembourg where many discussions took place.


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