Benjamin Button & Love

I absolutely loved the movie and was constantly sobbing in the sofa. Have been longing for a new Forrest Gump movie! In many senses it’s cliché, I agree, but there were so many hidden meanings and messages. It was a beautiful movie and it made me think about aging and how love age together with the years passing. It’s not about the looks, it’s about the love connection you have with each other. It you truly love each other, nothing else matters. And that kind of love, is a rare combination.

Very often, when we’re happy, we take love for granted. We just assume it’s there and we don’t have to fight for it. Being in love is dangerous because you risk loosing yourself on the way. It’s a very fine line, between loosing yourself to another person and GIVING yourself to another person. When we loose ourselves we stop being who we are, we only care about the other person’s wellbeing. We start to love the other person so much that our only concern is our partner.
In love, we must give of 100%, we can’t hold back, but at the same time, some things must be kept private. We have to nourish the intimacy and thrill and remind ourselves how fragile love is. To rely on the other person and knowing he or she is there for you is vital but we must also remember, we never know what will happen tomorrow.

And with that people… make your loved ones happy today. Don’t think too much about what will happen in the future or if the other person really loves you, is faithful or truly in love with you because it won’t do you any good. Be happy for today and that someone loves YOU.
DSC_0072Sis and Me


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