It’s just after lunch and I’m listening to Michael Bublé’s new CD, live from Madison Square Garden, right now I’m playing Home. Bublé isn’t very famous in Sweden and before my Habi introduced me to the world of Bublé on our second evening together in Dubai I had never heard him before. It was love at first sight (both with Habi and Bublé!).

If I could see one famous artist live, it would be Bublé during a dinner show. You can listen to him on Spotify and it’s romantic, oh, so romantic…

Michael Bublé, http://michaelbuble.com/

IMG_0729Our Michael Bublé in Dubai, Rory at Frankie’s
Rory, me, Elin and Hanna

145With my Bublé

Btw, my favourite song is I’m Your Man, it makes me fall in love over and over again…


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4 responses to “Bublé

  1. Martin

    I followed your sugestion, and “I’m your man” is amazing! It’s hard to admit that it’s better than the Cohen-version, but musically wise it is! It’s sad that Cohen got stucked in the electric sound for too long, but we can’t forget that it’s his words and that’s why we love him so much!
    Jeff Buckley did it with “Halleluja”. It’s also an absolutely amazing song! But his most beutiful song of them I all, according to me, is “Famous Blue Raincoat”. And noone has yet to covered it in a better way. If you haven’t heard it, I strongly recommend it!

    MB isn’t very famous here in Sweden, but he found his way to the small town of Växjö some time ago and we’re very happy for it! 🙂
    The world needs a new (oldschool) entertainer!


  2. lovisahegborn

    I absolutely love your comments! Isn’t I’m your man amazing? For me, it isn’t even comparable with Cohen’s. Very few people have heard of MB in Sweden and I don’t know why? His version of Irresponsible, Home and Lost are so beautiful!
    We definitly need a new old school entertainer who goes back to classic. Dinner shows, tuxedos and bow-ties.
    Unfortunately, he isn’t doing many shows or tours. Appearantly he was in Dubai 1,5 year ago and the small dinner show sold out in 5 minutes. Too bad…

    Happy MB found his way to Växjö! Help me and spread his songs.

  3. SAM

    michael bublé is awesome. you should explore Tracy Chapman, maybe you’ll like her music also!

    • lovisahegborn

      Hi Sam! Thanks for checking out my blog. I’ve already had the Tracy Chapman time in my life when I listened to her day and night! Still love her songs once in a while. Jack Johnson and David Gray are two other favourities! Have a nice day. /Lovisa

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