Travel Should Take you Places…

…as Hilton puts it. It’s simple but very true. Travel SHOULD take you places and by places I mean experiences, emotions and inspiration. I wanted to give you a few hotel recommendations around the world, hotels where I’ve stayed personally that take you places!

Blåsingsborg, south of Sweden. Small, privately owned bed & breakfast with excellent service and local restaurant. Perfect for romantic get-aways or girlfriend weekends!

First Hotel St Petri, central Copenhagen, Denmark. Not a boutique hotel but a large 5* chain hotel. Despite this, I’ve never been disappointed staying here and it feels hip, luxury, modern and special at the same time. Their lobby par is a perfect star and celeb spotting place in the weekends.

Hotel Costes, central Paris, France. The ultimate boutique hotel just behind Le Louvre. It’s flashy, it’s hip and it’s definitely the place you want to stay at, plus location can’t be any better with Hotel Crillion just around the corner. Who said shopping?

Ban Raya Resort & Spa, Koh Raya, Thailand. There are actually two hotels I could recommend at this petit, fairytale island. One 5* and one bungalow resort and even though 5* hotels are comfortable I’ve to pick the other one because of its charm. When I lived in Thailand, this was my escape from what the civilized Phuket had to offer. This is an ultimate retreat with banana body wraps, fresh fish and none to bother you! AND, price is great!

New York
Paramount Hotel Times Square, New York, US. I know Times Square is a bit… silly, because it screams tourist. But Paramount is a cool boutique hotel with usually, great deals. The rooms are small (but hey, it’s a city AND boutique hotel so what else can you expect?) but charming with large old-fashioned paintings behind the bed.
I also have to recommend Paramount’s sister hotel, Hudson Hotel, which is a bit more upscale but you should definitely be treated “Hudsonlike” for at least one night!

This was all for now. Any questions?

IMG_0145Koh Raya
IMG_8232At one of my alone escape vacations from Phuket to Koh Raya. It was in the middle of the rainy season and it rained non-stop for 3 days, I hardly wasn’t able to reach or leave the island. I was the only person at the resort and ate everything I longed for! Hamburgers and Chang and ordered ice-cream sundae to my room through room service. One of my most memorable times in Thailand.

IMG_8234The bungalows


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One response to “Travel Should Take you Places…

  1. I guess it’s all individual, but speaking in terms of a marketing mix I primarily go with price and place when I make my hotel reservations. Which doesn’t necessarily mean that I prefer living in a rathole while away…

    In other words, the best location at the most reasonable price. I agree with you that travelling is about experiences, emotions and inspiration. But, and call me old-fashioned, most of the time I don’t find those things within the four walls of hotel. That’s not really experiencing a place to me, as luxury hotels are everywhere. That’s more like being prepared to pay for a few days of luxury which really has little or nothing to do with the place you are in.

    Having said that, I rather spend my money in other ways when I go somewhere. As for your examples, I would say that both Paris and New York are among the most challenging cities in the world when it comes to finding decent centrally located hotels. Within a less expensive price range, that is.

    And now I realize that I’ve just written a small essay, which was not my purpose… Great blog, by the way!

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