Man in the Mirror

Can’t help to fall for the Michael Jackson hysteria going on and had to listen to Man in the Mirror. Every radio station in Dubai, like rest of the world probably, is playing his songs all day long. It’s moving.

I watched the Proposal at the cinema tonight with Helena and Johanna. A proper girl movie and perfect to see with your girlfriends. We laughed ALL the time and it’s very different from the Revolutionary Road. But nice to relax from being too deep every once in a while!

Got a gift from Elin on the mail today. Elin, who was here a couple of weeks back. It made me smile, both the gift and the card. She knows me so well!

Good night the world!

Bild 081Elin and me a long time ago back in Sweden but I know we both agree this was the best summer of our lives.



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2 responses to “Man in the Mirror

  1. heej! 🙂
    vad ska du göra för roligt idag? 😀

  2. lovisahegborn

    Hej Denise! Tack för att du läser min blogg. Det kan du se ovan på mina inlägg! 😉 Men ikväll ska vi ha tjejmiddag hemma hos mig. /Lovisa

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