The Enterpreneurial Side of Me…

…. is awoken!

This afternoon went by quickly. Had a lunch date with my sister and then I wanted to turn a few pages in a Swedish book I borrowed from Hanna by Magdalena Graaf and I just couldn’t stop reading! It’s amazing.

A new business idea is shaping in my head that makes me excited because of its potential! The difficult thing about starting your own company is to take all the ideas from business plan to reality and make it happen and that’s why so many people only dream about running their own business. I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur before I decided to start up Venia. My grandfathers, father, brother, sister and uncle are all entrepreneurs and were or are running their own company. I used to tell people that I’m definitely not like them, never had the drive or the urge to develop my entrepreneurial side. But when Venia took shape inside my head, it just wouldn’t slow down and my brother told me “So there is an entrepreneur within you despite all!”

Before the time of Venia, I never thought about my own ideas or if I could develop them. I was always very happy being employed and feeling “taken care of” in the end of every month when I received my pay-check. But now, ideas are popping up often and especially when I go to bed in the evenings. I can be awake for an hour or so and plan strategies for Venia, ideas and how to approach clients. At that time, I feel like I should get up and actually work. Maybe that’s my efficient time?

Anyway, a new business idea, which I’ve been thinking about for a while is becoming very interesting… I can’t tell you at this stage but will let you know later. Thought about meeting some people and companies in Sweden during vacation who might be interested working with Venia.

But as stated above, it IS difficult to create something real out of your ideas and without the support from Erik, family and friends I don’t think I would have been able to dare to do this on my own. Because the fact remains that I’m a young woman in a male dominated world. But hey, who said women can’t succeed?

My father’s mother was a beautiful and strong woman. What I remember most from her, besides her smell from Chanel No5 was a T-shirt she used to wear saying “Women Can” (but in Swedish). This image, of my grand mother, have followed me through all stages in my life and she together with my mother, are my ultimate role models when it comes to female strength.

Or as President Obama so beautiful said: “YES WE CAN”



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