Revolutionary Road

We just watched one of the most beautiful and best movies I’ve seen in a long time, Revolutionary Road with Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio. I had high expectations before watching it and it IS a weird movie but oh, so melancholy.

Their relationship is filled with so much love, but at the same time, their feelings are contradictive and their life is built up around pretending there is happiness part of it. It makes you think… how vulnerable many relationships are and how easy it is to get stuck in a relationship with bad habits.
When we’re happy, we should keep these moments in our hearts and when life feels upside down and depressing, we need to remind ourselves about the happiness we actually carry inside.

Have you seen the movie? How did you feel afterwards?



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3 responses to “Revolutionary Road

  1. Seen it. Loved it. Wrote a post on it! It also highlighted the hypocrisy of society to me and the fakeness that exists even today.

    • lovisahegborn

      Absolutely, I definitly agree with you. It’s difficult to interpretate it and the emotions but worth seeing and discussing! /Lovisa

  2. Martin

    I just saw it and I have to say it’s a great movie that really captures the facade of the perfect life, especially of the 50’s, and probably to this day. And the one person who were able to think and speak outside the lies, was sent away to an asylum. I think we’re often to afraid to deal with the real issues in life. It seems that everybody just wants to hear the good parts, not something real and maybe scary. But that’s really how you grow and relationships grows. Otherwise it might take on another expression, like in April’s case. They allowed each other to follow the norm, but they couldn’t really stand it and the desperate attemps to flee followed. I guess you can’t lie to yourself for too long, you’ll wake one day and hate yourself for it. I thought it was a absolutely beautiful but tragic story, about two persons who were perfect for each other but couldn’t figure out what they really needed. And the one chance to get out of there, were lost…


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