It’s a big mess…

… in our apartment! We decided to attack our storage room today and organize it! As always, it’s fun the first 15 minutes because you feel you’re doing something good but then, it’s just a big mess and you want to run away! This is where we are right now… Light bulbs and like a million or so cords! I think guys have a fetish for cords, or am I wrong?
Just had a coffee break with cappuccinos and homemade chocolate muffins to reward ourselves.

We spent the afternoon at Hanna and HP’s place yesterday and had some cold bubbles to drink! Later we went to Rivington Grill in Souk al Bahar and it’s my new favourite place. A bit far away from the Marina but there’s no other choice in Dubai. But Rivington is as European as it gets in Dubai. Casual food, service and venue and it’s loud with sweaty chefs working in the open kitchen. Had a perfect steak with béarnaise sauce, love it!

Souk al Bahar is the new Madinat, excluding annoying tourists, Every time I go there, I feel this is what we’ve missed in Dubai for such a long time! Hip, casual places and it’s packed with YOUNG PEOPLE. I know that it sounds strange, but where we live, in the Marina, you don’t see young people like back home. You see business men and women and upscale tourists. In the area of Downtown Burj Dubai you realized it’s a city like any other city.

After Rivington we made a stop at The Hive, a newly opened bar with a cool DJ. First time I was there and I’ll definitely go again!

Of all my blog readers, has anyone been to Dubai or lived here? Let me know what you think about it or what you believe Dubai is like! Would be interesting to know.


The world’s largets (as everything else in Dubai) Dancing Water Fountain at Dubai Mall/Souk al Bahar.
PICT0095My best friend Elin when visiting Dubai two weeks ago at the bottom of the world’s tallest Building, Burj Dubai.



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2 responses to “It’s a big mess…

  1. Steven Burk

    I stayed in Dubai for 3 months to work on a project.

    I stayed in the Marina and it was a nice refuge from the rest of Dubai – reminded me of home.

    I am from the states and started to draw many comparisons between Dubai and other places.

    * As hot as Vegas/Palm springs
    * Nasty speed cameras that steal your money in tricky situations like Arizona
    * Official anti-alcohol policies for Muslims, but I observed many drinking.
    * Less freedoms than I need to live a happy life, but more than most muslim countries.
    * Not much culture/arts & entertainment. Huge shopping malls, great food and hotels are pretty much where you go for fun.

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