We survived…

… the shrimps! We haven’t suffered yet, so think we’re ok! But I was freaking out there for a while yesterday evening.

Up bright and early today! Habi was up at 6.30AM on a Friday and I’m on my way to have breakfast with Helena and Johanna. After that we’re going to Dubai Mall (the largest shopping mall in the world) to do some shopping. I need a long dress for a wedding this summer and I haven’t found THE dress yet. Any ideas?
Later we’re doing a stop at IKEA, always feels like coming home with meatballs, Swedish flags and Swedish names everywhere. They have a small shop where we usually buy Marabou chocolate, Swedish bread, marmalades and frozen cakes!

Happy Friday! What’s your Friday plans?



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5 responses to “We survived…

  1. You left this comment on my post “http://www.ymperia.com/yaiya.blog/” ? haha howcome.

  2. wow raw shrimps! I love shrimp, but have never eaten it raw..

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