Good afternoon people!

We had a lovely day so far! Had breakfast with Helena and Johanna at More (in Gold and Diamond Park) and it was better than expected. Great breakfast buffet and they even had dark rye bread (which is rare to find in this country). Helena, who is pregnant, was shining of happiness!

After breakfast me and Erik went to Dubai Mall and I absolutely love it! We did some nice shopping, I got two pars of shoes from my Habi, very nice of him. One golden pair for the wedding later in July and a pair of silver sandals. But it turned out I got the wrong pair when opening the box at home. Isn’t that annoying? So now I’ve to go back tomorrow… 
Hurried to IKEA after Dubai Mall before it got to crowded. Which it already was when we finally got there. Made a quick shopping round and bought Swedish raspberry and blueberry marmalade for scones and pancakes! Yummie!

And now we’re on the run again. Going over to Hanna and HP’s place to help them with a few things and get some wine in return. Nice Friday afternoon I would say!
S5031915Ice skating in Dubai Mall


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