Good morning…

… Sunshine!

Yes, the sun is out and it’s above 45C. But still thinking about catching some sun by the pool before it gets way too hot to be outside (in like…2 days). Since it’s summer back home I definitely need to tan before going home in July.  Today, it’s only 21 until vacation starts. Why can’t it be tomorrow?

After reading all the Swedish blogs and talking to my family I can’t stop thinking about what it’s like back home right now. If I would have been home today I would have packed our picnic bag with warm cinnamon buns and mum’s homemade strawberry juice and taking the bicycle to the sea. That would have been my morning! And I long for those late summer evenings when the sun is still up and you can smell the barbeque.

Well… as I said, only 21 more days and then 6 weeks of wonderful Sweden. What are your summer plans?

sofies bildspel My sister, me and my sister-in-law-to-be
DSC_0608Wild strawberries on the way to the sea
IMG_8827Me and my dad crayfishing in the early summer morning


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