Still at work…

…at 9.30 in the evening.

My apologies for few and short updates today so let me tell you about my day.

The mystery shopping visit went really well. I met with Elouise and we had a long lunch. Isn’t it just beautiful to combine lunch with your girlfriends and work at the same time? I love my job!

Gourmet Station is a great place and if you ever pass Oasis Center in Dubai, you should definitely pay a visit. Chocolate, marmalades, crunchy organic mueslis and home baked breads all together. I asked the staff members hundreds of questions, they mush have thought I was a really weird customer! Do you all know what mystery shopping is? If you don’t, please let me know in the comment field and I’ll add a post about it.
So now, at 9.30 I’m still working on the analyse and report which should be in hand for Gourmet Station’s project manager tomorrow afternoon.


Me and my beautiful lunch date! Thanks a lot sweetie.

I picked up Habi at work (because I borrowed his nice car today) and we went grocery shopping. He went for a run and I cooked for him. Lovely girlfriend, am I not? We had salmon, lemon sauce, spinach and asparagus.
Habi is chilling in the sofa and I’m at my office (by the kitchen table) and we’re waiting for Ocean’s 13 to start on our Dubai TV chanells. When it starts, my evening beings.

Btw, we’re eating Ahlgrens Bilar. You know the pink, green and white cars? Yummie! Now we just realized that Finding Neverland starts are the same time as Ocean’s 13. Which one do you recommend?


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5 responses to “Still at work…

  1. Finding Neverland är helt underbar! Om ni inte såg den nu så måste ni se den en annan gång 🙂

    • lovisahegborn

      Hej! Det blev dessvärre Ocean’s 13 så vi får titta på Neverland en annan gång! Tack för tipset och ha en bra dag!

  2. Elo

    I love your blog!!! It is so interesting and fun! 🙂

    Hope you will still keep it in English as well.. Had a lovely lunch yesterday.

    Hope to see you soon!


  3. Dexter

    HI, i know its a long short but where do u get ahlgrens bilar in dubai????

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