In a rush…

Good morning everyone!

I’m meeting Elouise, my dear friend, in half-an-hour to conduct the first mystery shopping visit. She’s going to help me as she visits this store regularly. What would I do without my friends?

The event yesterday was very valuable and inspiring. More than 200 women in the same room being there for the same reason – to promote her business and talk to others in the same situation. During my journey with Venia, my company, I realized how hard it is to meet women who actually inspires you. Many are housewives, which I admire as well since they have a full-time job looking after children and home, but I need entrepreneurial, business women to inspire me. And finally, yesterday, I found the forum we all need in Dubai. No men, no one asking you who your customers are or competing with each other. Just pure networking. I came home with a bunch of great business cards and I will contact as many as possible this afternoon!

But now, I really have to go! Catch you later! What are you up to today?




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One response to “In a rush…

  1. Sebastian Nimanaj


    Vad exakt är det du driver?
    Sjävl sitter jag som upphandlingskonsult.
    Har en del kontakter och det kan alltid vara kul att bolla med ideér.

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