My Business, Your Business and God’s Business

My sister told me these words a few weeks ago and I think about it every day (maybe because she reminds over Skype daily, but anyway).
Too often, we focus on what other people think about ourselves, our work and personality. Often, we can’t prevent things from happening. I believe many things in life are determined by destiny because you’re in charge over your own destiny and you take control over your own emotions and development. Stop caring about what other people think about you, the way you look, speak or dress. Be your own. And the things you can’t control, that’s God’s Business. I’m not religious but I think it’s a great saying. So many things happen just because we are at the right place at the right time. Is everything happening, everyone you meet, just a coincidence or is it something bigger, something you or me can’t prevent from happening?

Try for a moment to stop thinking about what’s going on around you and accept everything happening during 24hours. If you get hurt, accept it. If you feel embarrassed, accept it. I promise, it’s relieving.

Every once in a while, ask yourself… is it My Business, Your Business or God’s Business?


Me and Carlien in Thailand


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