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Thanks for fun, inspiring and happy comments! As requested, here comes a post covering my background in Sweden and abroad.

I grew up in Växjö, a small town in Småland where  I lived until 4 years back. My first job back home was as Restaurant and Convention Manager and later as Front Office Manager at then First Hotel Cardinal (today part of Clarion). This is where my passion for hospitality was awakened and it inspired me to hotel management studies in petit Brig, Switzerland.  For 1,5 year I lived in this picturesque valley surrounded by snow-covered alp tops. Despite strict dress codes, extreme competitive environments I became a member of Eta Sigma Delta and graduated with an International Business degree in Hotel and Tourism Management. Thinking back of my life in Brig, it feels like another lifetime.
If you ever consider studying abroad, do it! Check out my school:
My degree took me to a position as Executive Lounge Manager for Hilton Phuket Arcadia and Spa in Thailand where I managed a team of 10 amazing and inspiring persons and became part of their lifes. After one year I was recruited by Hilton Dubai Jumeirah as Executive Floor Manager and was put in charge of 121 of the room inventory. By the support of my 20 team members, we created the best ranked Executive Lounge and Executive Services out of all Hilton Hotels in Middle East and Africa.
DSC_0236In Thailand with K. Au, K. Pam, K. Pen and Nina – check out the hotel on

The greatest challenge working abroad is the cultural aspect. The diversity and difference in management style is crucial for success. Though, people and colleagues tend to forget we are different and with various backgrounds. You need to remember to see the person behind your team members and her/his unique qualities and experiences.

When working in a large corporation such as Hilton, you’re not allowed to be flexible, take own initiatives or be creative. Instead, it’s all about consistency, which is understandable to ensure efficiency but it becomes boring and prevents thinking out of the box. The frustration over this created Venia and in December 2008 I resigned to put life into my company.
We limit only ourselves and only you is in charge of your future, life and career. To win, you have to bet.


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