26 more days

Good morning!

As the week starts on Sundays in this part of the world, it’s “Monday” in Dubai which means workout at 8AM and back to work. I just realized it’s only 26 more days left until vacation in Sweden starts. I long for these bright and early mornings on the country side…

Tomorrow I’m conducting the first mystery shopping visit for Gourmet Station, a new concept store in Dubai. This is a pilot project for Venia and will be carried out as a normal project would be. Four mystery shopping visits before I leave to Sweden and four reports and analysis to be prepared. Very exciting! Check out their info:

Trying to decide who the mystery shopper will be. The problem when you run your own business, you trust only your own expertise. I know exactly how I want to do this first visit but can I trust someone else to do it for me? Afraid I won’t be objective enough. Will see…

Now, it’s time to be absorbed by mystery shopping forms… Catch you later!


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