Oh what a night!

IMG_0796Yesterday’s midsummer in Dubai was actually one of the best days for a long time and it ended with a small afterparty at our place which resulted in a late morning today and pancakes for breakfast. Right now, we’re watching Swedish TV through slingbox, amazing and perfect for a staying-in “Sunday” in Dubiland!

People always arrive an hour late in Dubai and usually blames traffic or nothing at all. Yesterday we were early and everyone else late. Typical Swedes?  Around 17 people came and we enjoyed all the traditional midsummer food and schnapps. Blue cloths, yellow napkins and national flags on the table. An orgy of Swedish traditions. We sang, did the frog dance around a lighted candle (our international friends looked suspiciously at us) and had tons of strawberries! We kicked off our high heels, the living room acted as dance floor and the remote control as microphone.
At midnight we thanked the tired but happy host and hostess and took our friends to Frankie’s where Erik found new German friends in green silk shirts and big moustaches. When Rory, Frankie’s ever so good pianist, played the last song for the evening, we invited the crew to our place for an afterparty. In the end, three gallant persons shared a bottle of white in our sofa before I was too tired and left the party people in the living room to catch some sleep…

I feel pure happiness today and even more in love with habi today then yesterday morning. For me, having fun together or apart when you go out or to a party, is essential for a good relationship. When we dance, or when habi looks into my eyes from the other side of the room, I want to stop the world from spinning and just stay in the moment. You make me happy.

IMG_0759Me and Erik
IMG_0762 Elo, me and Sylvia


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