Happy Midsummer!

CSC_0599Herring, meatballs, potato sallad, salmon and “nubbe”. Flowers, curly hair, familj, dance around the pole, sun, blue skies and strawberries!

Happy Midsummer!

Would have loved to celebrate this day with Erik in Sweden surrounded by our family and friends.

Here it’s like any other day. As hot as yesterday and as misty as tomorrow. We’ve just baked two pies for the midsummer party this afternoon and my hair is curly. Wanted to have flowers in it but next year maybe…

We’re going to do our best celebrating like we do at home! Herring from IKEA and “Dubai fresh potatoes”. What I always miss when celebrating abroad are the small sausages we eat. Can’t find them here unfortunately… But what I miss the most, are of course Swedish strawberries.

I wish all of you a fantastic midsummer and that the sun is shining on you! My family is probably preparing the pole right now and decorating it with flowers and leaves. Another hour or so until lunch… Wish we were there.

DSC_0067My loved ones!



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2 responses to “Happy Midsummer!

  1. OOh vad söt du var!

    Titta gärna in på min blogg idag, bjuder på mitt måleri! =)

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