Buble, Sinatra, Dire Straits and Jackson…

Good Midsummer Morning!

The afternoon went by really fast yesterday so no time for an update. I had an afternoon coffee with amazing Helena who is pregnant and beautiful! Very happy for her and her husband.
We decided to stay in for the evening and went dinner shopping. Somehow, I love to go grocery shopping on Thursday evenings together. I think it reminds me of childhood because my father always came home with a lot of goodies after work on Fridays. Anyway, we cooked a nice meal, or habi mostly did. I had the responsibility of my famous red wine sauce but yesterday it was a disaster so we had to use BBQ sauce for our fillet of beef and mashed potatoes… Well, we survived!
Sat by the dining table all evening. Listened to music and just talked. These evenings together with my loved one are the best; this is when I feel pure happiness and comfort. In candle light we talked about growing up, being teenagers, love and life. Romantic, right?
We listened to Michael Buble’s new CD from Madison Square Garden. If you’ve never heard Buble before, login to Spotify immediately and listen! My Man and Coming Home are my favorites. Let me know what you think.

Have to run nu. It’s only 8.30 here and weekend time. Erik’s on his motorcycle class (which starts 7!) and I’m supposed to meet him for breakfast on the other side of town. Have to hurry so catch you later. If not, Glad Midsommar!



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