On The Agenda

It’s just after lunchtime in Dubai, we are two hours ahead of Europe (Sweden) and I’m completely addicted to my blog! How did this happen? Everytime I enter my blog and my statistics, I feel a rush of happiness! Keep visiting.

Even though blogging is fun, I’ve other things on my agenda and even though my office is currently our kitchen table, I’m officially at work! Thought about posting a daily list on the blog of things I should do during the day. Good idea? Here it comes….

Work related:
1. I’m conducting a pilot project for a new concept store in Dubai specializing on gourmet food and personalized service and I’ve to finish the project outline for the coming 4 weeks. (Before vacation starts on July 17)
2. Finish the mystery shopping form for retail in the F&B sector (F&B=Food and Beverage)
3. Try to make it to the gym. Usually I work out every morning with my friend Hanna but we weren’t able to make it today so I’ll have to go alone.
4. Try to make up plans for the evening together with my habi. Should or should we not go to club 400? Stay in or dining out? Having shrimps with white wine or not?

Honestly, I knew I’m a person who leave notes; love notes, shopping notes, thank you notes, etc, but I never knew I was a list person! In our family, there’re notes everywhere, all the time. When I was younger and came home from a night out, my parents always left a note in the kitchen. Sometimes there was a gift together with it or a map leading to a surprise somewhere. Or simply; We love you, please let us know you’re home…
It’s a small gesture, but try to leave a note for someone you like, it’ll be appreciated! The one below I got from Hanna a couple of weeks back and it made me warm inside. Thank you!



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