Summertime, Heat, Ramadan = Low season

It is obvious that summertime in Dubai is here. Suddenly, the pace drops drastically and it is almost like people move slower. It is time for vacation and people travel back home to enjoy summer and escape the extreme heat which is waiting around the corner. The shopping malls are the only ones who benefits from heat and humidity. As you can’t be outside, the people flee to air-conditioned, shiny malls. Boring is the word for coming months.

Hotels are dropping their rates; rumours say that hoteliers in the area are advised to drop more than 70% to attract tourism during low season which means they will just break even. Amazing offers are available on the market, check following link for the best promotions during summer time:


Business is slow during summer time and as Ramadan follows in August, all decision makers will be abroad. Therefore, we are leaving Dubai for Sweden mid of June and will be back beginning of September.

Have a nice day!


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