Paying my own salary

Today’s word: Pressure

I am my own boss. Nice, right? Well, of course it is nice to decide when and where I work and when I need vacation. But on the other side, the pressure is enormous. No one will pay my salary in the end of the month except me and no one will tell me, well done or good job. I can always reward myself but is it the same thing? The satisfaction you feel when you succeed being an entrepreneur is amazing and not comparable with any other feeling because you realize you stand behind the idea and creativity.

Another thought that struck me a few days back was that I will never have colleagues like at previous jobs. I might have a partner, but as long as Venia lives, I will be its CEO, so everytime someone joins Venia, it will be as an employee and I will be the employer. Strange feeling! I hope people wont gossip behind me back…
Managing a team is my motivator. Creating group dynamic and working close to different personalities and helping them on how to deliver to their full potential, that is my Well Done!


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