Qualified? You’re kidding me.

Today’s word: Disappointed

I was actuslly annoyed today. A qualified person on management level in Dubai is not the most common factor. I am not saying this is a fact, just that according to my personal opinion, it is easier to get a higher position here than in Europe and US without the proper experience and education. You can discuss if it gives people opportunities to grow like nowhere else, but that is another discussion.

But when it comes to hospitality consultancies, it is just embarrassing. If you promote yourself as one of the largest consultancies in this particular industry, you HAVE to have hospitality minded people. Or?

I called one of my largest competitors a few days back. The reason does not matter; let’s just say I was doing some investigation. The woman I was speaking to was extremely rude. The fact is that I have called them previous times and also attended their mystery shopping, purely for investigation, and seriously, they can’t be serious? Are these people supposed to be qualified for hospitality consulting? What makes me frustrated is the fact that companies pay for this poor quality.  I doubt they know what’s going on behind the scenes. Wake up Dubai and demand quality, insight and value for money!

Thank good we have Venia!

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