Hey and good evening!

Weeked is almost over and it was a nice one. The weekends are always nice in Dubai. Don’t know, but weekeds feels more special here than home. The “Friday feeling” (Thursday here) is stronger and I always want to be more active here. Sometimes I feel bad if we stay in a Saturday all day, but I know how much I love the feeling of actually doing so! Being lazy in the sofa with my Habi and watching nice movies which I’ve forgotten about and my Habi reminds me of. Erik always asks me if I’ve seen a certain movie or if I know from which movie certain movie quotes come from. Ehhh… not my area, which he knows but he still tries! 🙂

My sister and her daughter is here so we went to Atlantis waterpark today, spent the whole day there and had a blast! Wasn’t crowded at all and Erik convinced us to try most of the slides, even we hesitated a few times. I’m a chicken when it comes to water… Tonight we’re going to Roof Top bar at Royal Mirage and tomorrow our visitor’s last day in Dubi Dubi land, they’re going home tomorrow.

Enough for tonight. We’re off for drinks.

Sleep well!


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