Go Venia Go Venia!

Tonight’s word: Success I want to quote my brother today: GO VENIA GO VENIA! Things are happening and it’s happening fast, which I like. No… I LOVE it! The feeling of being busy and having things chasing you; what a wonderful feeling. Venia is developing and I’m proud of it and proud of myself. No one else took Venia to where it’s right now. I’m the person behind it and I can take full cred for it, which also means that I can never blame anyone else for failure or mistake? I’m new to this thrilling feeling. Of course I’ve always understood I can’t blame someone other than myself for my own mistakes but I’m new to the feeling that this is complete freedom. No one can judge me, but me. A lot of people can cheer me (you mostly welcome to do so!) but I’m thinking and creating out of my own mind, body and soul. Earlier in life, I was reluctant to having my own business. At that time, I felt there were no positives about it. But now, I realized the beauty of running my own life. I’m on the market and I’m fighting hard to get a strong position. At this stage, no one can stop me. I’m here and I’m here to stay. I’ve a one year plan and it’s going to succeed, of which I’m certain. So… all competitors out there… Let’s make competition!


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