Opportunities and balance

Good evening!
Tonight’s word: Balance

This will be a quick one, on our way to pick up my sister and her daughter at the airport. Looking forward to see them and have them here for a full week, that’s luxury!

Many things are happening and last week was fantastic. Opportunities are coming up and I’ve been happier this weekend then for a long time. It’s coming together and I feel powerful, happy and energetic! Suddenly time isn’t enough and I there are not enough hours each day for me to do everything is want to do. For me, balance is number one. Balance between family, work, friends and love. So have time for a healthy lifestyle and time off during the weekends. Can you be successful without stressful? Or do they come hand in hand? I love when many things are happening at once, that’s when I’m most productive. Think a lot of people are. Isn’t that weird? Why are we more reluctant to work when we have the time for it? Probably because then, we rely on time, which is a very dangerous game! Never rely on time, because there will always be one day when it’s not enough.

Time is precious.


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