Quantity over quality or efficieny = quality?

Today’s word: Efficiency

It’s been a while since last update, more then a week I believe? My apologies. But Venia is busy and it means I’m busy!

We spent the weekend in Paris. Left Dubai Thursday evening and got back Tuesday morning. Lovely, beautiful and amazing Paris! We discovered the city by foot and found our own special small places beyond the tourist paths. What struck me while being there is the difference in service between Europe and Middle East and Asia. In Paris, you get away with serving your guests without greetings, smiles, pampering or upsale. Because, it’s all about efficiency. You order and you get what you ordered without any fuzz. Wine, food, check at once, efficiency in a nut shell. And no one complains because this it what you get for what you’re paying  at a brassiere or bistro. But this is also the charm of European service. Food is good, wine is good and life is better!

On the other hand, when you want flawless service, you pay for it. We visited lovely restaurants where we were given no reason to complain. Privacy and pro-active are the words to describe it. All etiquette rules were followed, with an exception of all male servers trying to flirt with Erik, but that’s life isn’t it?

In Dubai, I get the feeling all restaurants try to deliver the same service. Sure, it’s a romantic thought of service, but it doesn’t always have to be full attention, upsale, pampering and 5*. Why can’t we just ensure efficiency by meeting normal expectations for once? Here, we complain as soon as the napkin isn’t folded after going to the restroom, or we aren’t attended to within a certain time. Why? Because we expect poor service before experiencing it. I think it’s vital to go back and look at service in its core and start adjusting services to its right environment to make it fair.

We discussed the reason behind these differences while enjoying a glass of wine at on of the French bistros and realized that this is genuine service at its best. Attentive, yes, and perfect when you expect it.

It annoys me when people try to deliver 5’* service without the knowledge. That’s when I complain or get disappointed. Not when I order a French pichet of wine with local food for 15Euros. Because they give me no reason for it. It’s time to realize there’s no need for 14 waiters when 4 could do the job better. Efficiency, Dubai, time to wake up.

Viva la Efficiency and Quantity over Quality!

Btw, a Paris wine n dine guide will follow…


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  1. Hi, cool post. I have been thinking about this topic,so thanks for blogging. I will definitely be coming back to your blog. Keep up the good posts

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