Start spreading the news!

Today’s word: Detective


I’m acting detective at the moment and it’s actually quite funny. When everything is on your shoulders, you’ve to be creative and think out of the box. If there’s a person you really want to contact, there are always ways around it, even though you don’t know the person’s name, position or background.


I’ve found LinkedIn and I absolutely adore this smart webpage. Can it be any easier than this? It really fulfils the purpose of its mission and the inner core of networking. Networking is fun and vital when you stand where I stand at the moment. I’m trying to spread the word of Venia whenever and wherever possible. Please feel free to add me on LinkedIn.

Thursday today and weekend is just around the corner. But actually, I want to work. I enjoy my office but long for colleagues. Wishing for a vibrant, young and creative team sharing this journey with me. Since I don’t have this (yet… I am to have one within 6 months) you, my blog readers, is my vibrant team!


Tomorrow Easter begins and we’re going for our traditional Easter dinner at our fiend’s place. Last year was an orgy in Easter chickens, cheese, chocolate and dance at Jambase. We hope for an evening just as funny as last year’s.


So Happy Easter and people… start net working!







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