Back to business!

Today’s word: Alonetime

Don’t know if Alonetime is an actual word but for me it’s. Alonetime with myself, Erik, family and friends. Have been busy for a couple of weeks as we’ve had visitors from Sweden. First my mother, which overlapped with Erik’s parents and finally my brother with family. Lovely weeks and can never get enough of family time. Had fantastic Alonetime with my mother. It gave me strength, confidence, love and new energy.

After 3 weeks on the beach and not too much work… (which I feel bad over) my energy for getting back to business is overheating! Can’t wait for a fresh week on Sunday and start working on my ideas. A few things are popping and it feels like things are finally coming together. Have a potential interesting client who I’m emailing with at the moment. Very interesting… actually, it’s a dream projects because it’s quite large, so I don’t dare wishing too much. But dreaming is always possible and I’m confident about what I’m doing.

Alonetime for me is time with myself or another loved person without being active. Having a coffee for myself or cuddling with Erik in the sofa. Being in the sand with my family or just being near someone I love.

It’s time for Alonetime now. For me and for Erik. And for Venia of course!




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