Almost one week passed already since last update. Gosh, time flies…

We’re moved in and settled! Right now I’m sitting on our balcony in our brand new furniture and enjoy another beautiful day in Dubai. The weather is amazing and it feels like the perfect Swedish summer day when everything’s just…. PERFECT!  Still some bits and pieces left to organize at our place but it’s coming together and we adore it!

My mother is coming on Friday morning and can’t wait to have her here. She’ll be the first to use our guest room and I’ll spoil her. She has been here twice before but at the moment, I need to be around her more then ever. After she leaves, Erik’s parents are coming and then my brother with family. Busy month…

Venia is standing a bit still. It’s like I don’t know how to take it one step further. To be honest… feels like I’m stuck. I know it’s waiting around the corner and I can’t wait to get started but I think I need a kick in the right direction.

Emailed a friend yesterday working for a large corporation which is active in retail and hospitality. They’re opening a hotel chain for budget hotels in Dubai during 2009. A market I’ve a strong interest for and have been missing here. He forwarded my email to the GM of the hotel group. Hopefully I can get a meeting with him and discuss what Venia stands for and what we can do for them.

Me and Erik are going for dinner tonight at Frankie’s (our absolute favourite place in Dubai right now) together with a guy who we meet at a function a couple of weeks back. He’s general counsel for a German based company establishing “extreme sport hotels” in Dubai Sports city. Really cool concept and would be interesting to work with them. So we’re seeing him tonight and hopefully it can give something more…

Update will follow!



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