New week…

Sunday again. There’s something special with the weeks in Dubai. Time flies like no where else. I’ve been here one year and six days but it feels like a couple of months! Maybe it’s because I feel like home here? Otherwise, you’re so obsessed with time. If you know you’re staying at one place for a limited time, you count it down.

The weekend was good. We spent the Friday at a friend’s place. Lovely day outside by the pool and barbeque in the evening. Yesterday we packed the whole day so we’re more than ready to move!

Had my meeting with Mr. Tarek from RAK free zone yesterday which was a successful one and it gave me confidence! Finally someone who KNOWS what he’s talking about and gives me straight answers. He suggested I should setup an offshore company to start with. I don’t need an office in Dubai and I can operate from anywhere in the world. Price is   24 000AED and no investment capital is needed. It’s a limited liability company and I won’t risk any personal assets. Great advantage! On the other hand, I can’t employ or issue visas under this licence. Though, I can have freelances and project teams coming in. So no fixed costs at all. The next option is to apply for a hospitality licence, which gives me the right to issue two visas, one for the owner and one for the managing director. But this costs 59 000AED and I need to invest 100 000AED as starting capital, which of course means higher risks. Need to think about this. Waiting for my German contact to get back to me this week when he’s visiting Dubai to see if he can help me with sponsors, investors, etc. But it feels good that it’s coming together! Finally I can see my company taking shape. Have to work on a business proposal for potential clients.

But first… need to complete moving which I’m gonna start doing RIGHT NOW…



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