Busy Busy Busy

I’m in the middle of everything, at once! Last update, I didn’t give much info about myself and my personal life. So here comes a short summary…

As said before, I’m 26, Swedish and in Dubai since one year. I live together with Erik, my big love, support, happiness and comfort. He’s also Swedish. I’ve my family in Sweden, 2 siblings and 4 nieces and nephews, lovely! Right now, me and Erik are moving out of our old apartment and into a new, bigger one. It’s a 2 bedroom with two beautiful balconies overlooking Dubai Marina. Can’t wait to sit there in the evenings… We got the keys this morning and were told there’s still snagging going on but when we came to the apartment it felt like it wasn’t even completed! Around 15 people working on everything from floor to ceiling. We don’t expect to be moving in today… Though, we already booked a moving company and packed our lives together into boxes. What to do…

In the middle of this chaotic moving I’m trying to form my company. In Dubai, you can either operate in a free zone, which means that I own my company to 100% but I need to be registered in one of these zones and have an office there. The other option is to have a local owner sponsoring my business. He/she would own 51% of my shares. There are advantages and disadvantages with both options. I.e. a sponsor can benefit with contact net and clients. On the other hand, my sponsor would demand a certain percentage on my profit. Many questions still to answer…

On Saturday I’m meeting the bank to discussing different company forms. It’s possible to have a so called offshore company which can be setup in other Emirates, to cut costs. One possibility is to be licensed in Ras Al Khaimah. Anyway, I’m meeting the bank on coming Saturday to discuss this. Update will follow…

We just found out that our apartment won’t be done today, of course… Our comfort for not moving today is that at least, it’s Thursday (which means “Friday” in Europe, since our week starts on Sundays and weekend begins on Thursdays). So most likely, the evening will be spent at a friend’s place with a few glaces of wine and a nice dinner (We can’t cook at home since our life is packed into cartons).


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