Venia is taking shape!

Who am I, what is Venia Hospitality and why am I writing this blog?

If I was to explain myself today, with 5 words, it would be… Entrepreneur, Passionate, Caring, Intelligent and high Social Competence. I would never sit around and wait for things to come to me, I create the opportunities. Further, I believe that only I can take my life in the directions I wish to go. No one else can do it for me. YOU are responsible for your own life and your happiness and satisfaction. This is my motto and urge.

At the age of 25, I decided it was time to change my life drastically. I was happy in my then current position as Executive Floor Manager for Hilton Dubai Jumeirah but I felt something was missing. Suddenly, creativeness and ideas started flowing and I felt the urge for converting ideas into action. In December 2008 I resigned with Hilton Hotels and at this stage, I’m in the process of starting my own business, Venia Hospitality, a Service – and Hospitality Consultancy.

Since one year I live in Dubai. 2006 I moved from my homecountry Sweden to Switzerland and studied International Business in Hotel Management at César Ritz University. It took me to a management position at Hilton in Phuket, Thailand and from there I moved to Dubai, one of the Emirates in United Arab Emirates. Totally different from all previous places where I’ve lived. Long time ago, I learned dealing with cultural differences and managing cultural diversity. Dubai is a mix of everything! Nationalities, religions, cultures and values live side by side. It isn’t comparable to any other metropolitan city on this planet but it’s also the city of controversy. The city’s paste is constantly high with never ending projects but to actually make things happen, you’ve to struggle. Women in bikinis share beaches with women in abayas and even though the financial crisis struck Dubai heavily, construction and plans are still on track. Despite daily traffic congestion, temperatures above 50C in summer and desert over green, I fell in love the moment I got here. There’s an aura of hope, opportunities and a habit of never saying no. I believe that if there’s any place in the world, where a young woman can succeed, it’s in Dubai. Again, there are controversies about women and if the Emarati women are “free”. But I feel, Dubai gives me more opportunities than I would have had back home.

So, back to Venia Hospitality. Venia is founded by myself and is a Service – and Hospitality consultancy. We work interactively with our customers and we take part in the actual operation. Moving from traditional consulting and training into creativity and new ways. By adapting to each client’s unique needs, we create one of a kind concepts. By having a specialized team of consultants, experts in their fields, we take a step down from top management and bureaucracy and instead, look at employee needs and customer needs. Our services are divided into a 3 phase system and ranging from consulting to mystery shopping/quality assurance. Target markets are hotels – independent hoteliers and chain hotels with respective different departments. At any stage of a businesses life cycle, we can step in and create magic!

By writing this blog, you as a reader will follow my journey with Venia. Business Proposal, Financial statements, Business cards and company profile are all created. Initial contact with bank, potential investors/sponsors and customers is done.

Venia means Grace in Latin. This is what we stand for. Or as stated on our webpage and part of our mission statement:

Our trademark will label our customers as a supplier of excellent service.

You are welcome to join me in developing Venia, giving me feedback and advice. Let the Journey begin!

Lovisa Hegborn, Managing Director Venia Hospitality



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